Why appoint a Professional Manager

All Owners Corporations must comply with many legal, financial and statutory requirements. The issues are complex and require a thorough understanding of the regulations. There is no legal requirement to appoint a professional manager; however members will need to rely on the willingness of other members to assume responsibility for the day to day operation of the Owners Corporation if they decide on self-management..

Regardless of the size of your Owners Corporation it is important to consider many issues when deciding whether to self-manage or appoint a professional manager:

  • Who will send invoices and collect Annual Fees?
  • Who will ensure that building and public liability insurance is arranged each year?
  • Who will issue Owners Corporation Certificates?
  • Who will ensure that common areas are maintained and do not pose a risk to members of the public?
  • Who will conduct annual and general meetings?
  • Who will attend to complaints and enforce the Owners Corporation rules?

The appointment of a professional manager can provide an effective solution and can ensure that your highly valuable asset is protected.

For more information please call our Owners Corporation Management Team on 5337 0077 or email oc@doepels.com.au

If you would like further general information about Owners Corporations and the Owners Corporations Act 2006, visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website, and Strata Community Association website.